This form is for returning child registrations. Please DO NOT use this form to register a new student or an adult as it doesn’t capture all of the information we need from you.

You’ll receive an email confirming that your registration has been received. If you don’t (it should come through immediately), please contact us directly as it means we haven’t received your registration.

Please read the information for returning students here before you fill in this form. You can find our terms & conditions here.

If you are having private lessons, please give us as many days and times as possible that you are available for lessons – this makes the scheduling process faster and easier for everyone.

Contacting students: Please note that for child students, providing a student email address can be helpful as it allows teachers to send information directly to students during a lesson. Whenever practicable, if we send an email to your child, we will copy you in on the email as well.

Please note that,, and NSW Education Department email addresses frequently reject incoming emails (a problem not limited to us) – if at all possible, please provide a contact email that is not from one of those hosts.

2017 Returning Child Student Registration

You will receive a confirmation on this page as well as an email when your form has been successfully submitted – if the “Register” button is still showing after you’ve clicked it, you’ve missed a field on the form. Please contact us if you have any difficulties.