2016 – What A Year It Was!

2016 was a busy, productive and exciting year, with our students going from strength to strength in all areas of musical development. We’ve had multiple solo concerts, our wonderful production of Into The Woods Jr, our incredible gala concert at Sutherland Entertainment Centre, excellent results in AMEB and ANZCA exams, the Take Flight Music Certificate of Achievement, and more. Our students & staff have been involved in local musical theatre productions, schools spectacular, professional musical theatre shows, international performance contracts, acceptance into tertiary music degrees and X Factor. These are excellent outcomes and we celebrate with all who have achieved them. However, what we value even beyond these impressive achievements is watching all of our students grow and develop each week across our “3 Cs” – Confidence, Creativity and Community.

2017 – The Next Level

Our theme in 2017 will be “The Next Level”, because that’s exactly the vision we have for our students, staff and SVA as a whole. Over the past four years we’ve watched our students grow in their musicality, technique and maturity, and we want to ensure that this phenomenal growth continues in 2017 and beyond.

Every parent wants the best for their child, and we are constantly refining our programs & processes so that we’re responsive to the needs of our students. Throughout 2016 we’ve been busily working away behind the scenes, dreaming and planning for the future. We’ve refined existing classes & events, and created new ones as we seek to create exceptional learning experiences that are affordable for families.

Our programs are designed around our 3 core values: Developing Confidence, Unleashing Creativity & Building Community. We are preparing the next generation of musicians to entertain, inspire, teach and challenge our world, and we take that responsibility seriously, but also make sure we have a heap of fun along the way.

On the admin side of things, we’ve also made some refinements to our policies and procedures, which will be communicated to you in due course. These will ensure that we can continue to offer you a high level of personal attention and make life as simple as possible for you, while allowing us to run a viable business that will be here to serve you for many years to come.

Our partnerships with students, parents and other performing arts organisations are so important to us, and although we might not always see parents in person on a regular basis, we view you as key players in the musical development of your child, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with you in 2017.

We are THRILLED to unveil our 2017 programs. Here on the website, we’ve tried really hard to condense a lot of information into a concise and readable format – please read everything carefully and let us know if you have any questions. Start on this page and follow the links accordingly. We will share our calendar of events and important dates with families early in the new year – we are currently liaising with venues to finalise our 2017 bookings, and we’re waiting for examination dates to be published.

2017 Program Highlights & Changes

Next year all your favourites will return (some with changes), as well as some new programs.

  • EnsembleReady will continue to be a fantastic & fun option for those who enjoy singing in a group.
  • ArtistReady will focus on artist development – finding students’ own unique voices & musical style, and developing songwriting skills to further express their own unique musicality.
  • StageReady will focus on two areas: firstly, learning about the musical theatre industry, its history and how to prepare for auditions, and secondly, preparing a special concert of Musical Theatre Showstoppers – students’ favourite songs from the musical theatre world. This enables all students to have a turn at being the lead and allows them to experience a wide range of musicals.
  • GuitarReady will continue to develop guitarists as they are stretched & challenged.
  • GigReady will now be held as a series of monthly workshops, which we hope will make it more accessible to our busy highschoolers.
  • NEW ExamReady monthly workshops will help students to prepare for AMEB Musical Theatre examinations.
  • NEW TheoryReady monthly workshops will provide students with a more structured approach to theory. We’ll follow a theory exam syllabus so that students who wish to, can sit for an external exam.
  • Private lessons will continue to be offered in contemporary singing, guitar and piano.

We’ve also got some more exciting plans up our sleeves, which will be announced in due course, along with detailed 2017 concert information.

Exams in 2017

Over the past 1-2 years there has been considerable change in the music examination options for contemporary musicians. We’ve been observing these happenings as well as using two different syllabuses with our students. While no examination system is perfect, we’ve been pleased with the educational outcomes for our students, and after careful consideration, we are very pleased to announce that we’ll be offering the following examination options in 2017:

  • AMEB Musical Theatre
  • AMEB Theory of Music
  • AMEB Piano & Piano for Leisure
  • We are also looking at the options for contemporary piano, singing and guitar. However, we want some more time to consider the syllabus and resources before making a final decision.

We’ll provide you with more exam-related information early in 2017.

2017 Registration Process

Earlybird Registration closing date – December 23 at 11:59pm (get priority timetabling & save money!)

RETURNING STUDENTS: When you register on or before December 23, you’ll pay no registration fee (save $30 per student!), plus you’ll be included in our first round of timetabling.

NEW STUDENTS: When you register on or before December 23, you’ll pay a $15 registration fee (save $15 per student!), plus you’ll be included in our first round of timetabling.

This deadline does need to be strictly enforced, and if you don’t submit your registration prior, there is a very real chance that you will miss out on your preferred time and teacher. Registrations received after this will be allocated to the time-slots left over after the first timetabling round has been completed. 

Group classes will close once places are filled for each class, which may be BEFORE the earlybird registration cutoff. Please get in early to secure your choice of class for 2017.

If we need to touch base with you over the summer break (we might have questions regarding your available times, for example), we’ll do so via text message as so many people are away from their emails during this time. We thank you in advance for your prompt reply, which helps us minimise timetabling hold-ups. Sometimes one person’s answer determines another ten people’s lesson times, so we really do appreciate your assistance in this.


Can I just keep my current day & time? If you request this and it’s available, we’ll try to give you your 2016 day & time. However, our teachers’ schedules will change, so it’s important that you give us all possible days & times.

When can I register for the workshop-based programs (ExamReady, TheoryReady & GigReady)? We’ll open our workshop series for registration in early 2017. You’ll receive an email when it’s time to register.

I like the idea of external examinations, but I don’t know anything about that world so how do I know what is the best syllabus and grade for my child? On our registration form, you’ll see a question that asks you to indicate your interest in exams. In early 2017 we’ll follow up with interested students and we’ll provide you with further information so that you can make an educated decision.

Can I register just after the earlybird cutoff date and still be included in the first round of timetabling? As much as we would like to be infinitely flexible and squeeze late registrations into our initial timetabling round, we need to give staff a reasonable indication of their timetable with us so that they can head into 2017 with an accurate picture of their own work situation. We also have families who need to know their child’s lesson schedule in advance in order to organise transport, parent work hours, after school care and other activities. We therefore must strictly follow the rule that registrations received after December 23 will be timetabled in our second round of timetabling.

We’re looking forward to a rest over the Christmas break (no doubt you’re feeling the same!), but we also can’t wait to get into 2017 and all it has to offer! We’d like to thank you for all of your incredible support in 2017 and we wish you & your family a safe, peaceful and relaxing Christmas and summer break!

Best wishes,

Tim & Lauren Moxey

PS Our info tables are a bit too much for mobile phones to handle – we recommend viewing the site on a tablet or desktop. If all else fails, we can send you a message via carrier pigeon or smoke signal…

Here’s a comparison of our different weekly programs:

You can also view more detailed information here.

EnsembleReadyArtistReadyStageReadyGuitarReadyPrivate Lessons:

Voice, Guitar & Contemporary Piano

Price per lesson
(GST inc)
Years K-3 (30 mins): $7


Years 3-7 (60 mins): $11

$21.50$21.50$21.50Weekly or fortnightly lessons: $42.50 per half hour

Casual lessons for non-current-SVA students: $47.50 per half hour

Suitable forStudents who love contemporary popular music, singing in harmony and being part of a team.Students who want to discover their own unique voice, and develop their solo performance and songwriting skills.Students who want to learn about the world of musical theatre and be part of a musical theatre concert of favourite MT Showstoppers.Students who want to master the basics of guitar – either to play solo guitar or to self-accompany.Students of all ages (including adults) who want the opportunity to work individually with a teacher.
Age groupsYears K-3
Years 3-8
Years K-2
Years 3-6
Years 7-12
Years K-2
Years 3-6
Years 7-12
Years 3-6
Years 7-12
All ages (including adults)

Here’s an outline of our different workshop-based programs:

Again, you can also view more detailed information here. Dates will be published in early 2017.

Pre-requisitesNil, although workshops are organised according to exam syllabus and grade.Nil, although workshops are organised according to exam syllabus and grade.By application only.
Suitable forStudents who wish to complete external performance examinations.These workshops will assist students who are wishing to complete external music examinations. However, they are still highly beneficial even for students who do not wish to sit for the exams.Advanced students who are ready to go to the next level in their musical and personal development and develop industry & entrepreneurial skills.
Age groupsYears K-12Years 3-12Years 7-12

Our recommended enrolment patterns

The structure we’ve created at SVA is flexible and caters to a wide range of student needs & family budgets. If you’re feeling a bit lost, here are our recommendations for different types of students. This is by no means our compulsory pathway – it is designed to give parents an idea of what classes are most beneficial at various stages.

WhoBeginnerIntermediate – popIntermediate – musical theatreAdvanced – popAdvanced – musical theatrePre-ProfessionalElite Dancers
DescriptionYou love singing and would like to develop your voice.Students who have some experience of singing and who are ready to take the next step in their development. Students who have some experience of singing and who are ready to take the next step in their development. Experienced students who love singing and performing, or who are doing elective music.Experienced students who love singing and performing, or who are doing elective music.Those who are heading towards a career in music and are considering studying tertiary music.Students who are involved in dancing at an elite level and need singing & audition skills to support their dance.
Start withEnsembleReadyEnsembleReady






GigReady, ExamReady & TheoryReady workshops & external exams



GigReady, ExamReady & TheoryReady workshops & external exams


ArtistReady or StageReady

GigReady, ExamReady & TheoryReady workshops & external exams


ExamReady & TheoryReady workshops & external exams

Then addArtistReady or StageReady (when you feel confident to start singing solos)StageReady

ExamReady workshops & external exams


ExamReady workshops & external exams

Weekly or fortnightly private lessons

Weekly or fortnightly private lessons

Weekly private lessons

Piano or guitar in order to learn self-accompaniment skills

Weekly or fortnightly private lessons
Then add1-2 private lessons in preparation for concerts if doing a solo itemFortnightly private lessonsFortnightly private lessonsPiano or guitar in order to learn self-accompaniment skillsPiano or guitar in order to learn self-accompaniment skillsDiploma level performance examinations (syllabus depends on individual needs)

External theory examinations

What To Do Now

1. Decide on your 2017 classes. You might like to check out more detailed class information, prices and timetable.

2. Fill in the 2017 Registration form here. Don’t forget, Earlybird Registration closes on Friday, December 23. Individual classes will close before then if places fill, so don’t delay!