We believe that teaching music is a huge privilege, and we take our responsibilities as educators seriously. We have 3 core values that we seek to cultivate at SVA - Developing Confidence, Unleashing Creativity and Building Community. We've also written a blog about the future of music and how our vision informs our teaching practices, which you can read here.

Developing Confidence

This outcome of learning music cannot be underestimated, and its impact is life-changing. At SVA developing confidence and self-esteem is an integral part of the learning process, and we love hearing reports from parents about how much their children have grown in self-confidence as a result of their work with us. SVA provides a safe place for students to explore and develop their gifts. They are encouraged and empowered to find their own style and sound, rather than simply copying what they hear on the radio.

Unleashing Creativity

To provide a solid musical foundation, SVA programs are designed to simultaneously develop skills and knowledge in repertoire, technique, stagecraft, musicianship and music theory, and contemporary music history/musicology. These skills are taught in an engaging manner that gives students a sense of achievement and a high level of musical literacy.

From this base, students are encouraged to explore, create and refine their own musical expressions and to realise their contribution to the world of music is important and unique.

Building Community

Students learn music for a variety of reasons and have different long-term goals. Some SVA students are active or aspiring professionals, while others learn for recreation or just to try something new. No matter what their goals, all students are valued at SVA, and all students are empowered and equipped to become the best musicians they can be.

We love watching our students develop friendships as they encourage, celebrate and support one another. They discover a community of like-minded people and a place where they belong.

Read about the owners of SVA, Tim & Lauren Moxey, here.