Meet Tim &
Lauren Moxey

Tim Moxey

Tim Moxey

Tim is an accomplished musician who specialises in teaching and performing all contemporary styles, including musical theatre, pop, rock, jazz and worship. Tim holds a Bachelor of Music with Distinction (Contemporary Voice) from Central Queensland University, as well as an ANZCA Performance Diploma (Singing).

Performance & recording highlights include:
Artstart Grant from the Australia Council, 2010
Stargazing album 2012
The Voice 2013
Still With Me album 2015
X Factor 2016
The Kind Of Man single 2017
Angels The Musical Cast Recording (backing vocalist) - Broadway Records, 2017
Ausfest Cronulla 2018

Tim is a highly respected performer & educator, not only at SVA but beyond - teaching masterclasses, workshops and marking tertiary music student recitals. He also has extensive performance and recording experience including television, radio, session vocals, musical theatre, church worship, live concerts and more.

Tim’s teaching philosophy is that students should have fun, while at the same time learning correct and safe vocal production methods. He wants to create singers who have the skills and musicality to deliver light & shade within a song, rather than just belting their way through. He believes technique is important, as many contemporary singers mimic what they hear on the radio, but have little understanding of the intricacies of the voice. Tim is encouraging and patient, and he is well-known for helping students to discover their own unique vocal sound.

Read more about Tim's performing & recording activities at Tim's music is available on iTunes, Spotify & YouTube, and below you'll find some favourites from his YouTube Channel.

"In a world where everything is instant, the discipline of learning music gives students the satisfaction that comes from honing their craft over months & years and seeing something amazing come out of hard work. You can't learn to sing overnight, but I believe that, with rare health-related exceptions, everyone can be taught to sing well. When I am making music, I feel like I'm doing what I was born to do, and I want to give my students the tools so that they can experience that same feeling." Tim

Lauren Moxey

Lauren Moxey

Lauren is a pianist who specialises in contemporary styles. She holds a Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Piano Performance) and a Bachelor of Science (Psychology). Lauren is an experienced teacher and performer, and is also the Business Director of Sydney Vocal Academy. She assists in lesson programming and planning our learning pathways, where her psychology studies are put to good use in devising innovative and engaging teaching methods. Lauren & Tim are the proud parents of Jeremy, Nate & Ben.

"As a child and teenager, music was always a really important escape for me. I would spend hours at the piano, playing everything from Bach and Chopin, to Sculthorpe and contemporary popular music. It is such a joy to work with Tim and our other staff to create the kind of music school we would have loved to be part of when we were younger. I believe that high-quality music education provides a lifetime of wonderful musical experiences and has a lasting significance in the life of a child." Lauren

Our History


We grew up in adjoining suburbs in the Sutherland Shire, but only met when we were studying music at Wesley Institute, Sydney. Long car trips to uni soon resulted in a friendship that grew into something more, and we married in June 2007. Along came our awesome boys Jeremy (2010), Nate (2012) and Ben (2014) to ensure we have lots of fun and not much sleep in our lives!

After our growing family meant teaching from home was no longer viable, we decided to open a commercial premises and create the music school we had long dreamed of – the kind of place we would have loved to be part of when we were young. When the basement premises of Ettingshausens became available, it seemed an obvious solution to offer students the convenience of dance, acting, martial arts and music lessons all on the same site.

SVA opened in February 2013 and since then has grown to approx 200 students and 8 staff. It has been a crazy time, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love to see our students grow into amazing, confident musicians who engage thoughtfully with music and look beyond the top 40. We also love to see the personal development in students that comes as a result of being part of SVA – new friendships, increased self-esteem and the ability to do anything they put their minds to. It’s so exciting to hear parents say “I never thought my child would get up and perform, but they just did and I have discovered how talented they are”.

The future is bright for SVA as we continue to grow and serve the local community.

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