Reimagining singing training

SVA Membership allows singers to transform traditional singing training into a daily pursuit. Most singers have a 30 or 60 minute lesson once a week or a fortnight - lessons are fantastic, but the time goes so quickly. Imagine having unlimited access to tools, resources and a community designed to help you become the singer you were born to be!

  • Suitable for students of all ages and all experience levels
  • Singing lessons or singer coaching are available as optional extras
  • If you've already got a great teacher, you can keep learning with them and still be an SVA Member

What's included in an SVA Membership?


SVA Member Hub

The SVA Member Hub is a digital platform that's available 24/7. You'll find courses, downloadable resources, videos and more, covering everything from technique development to repertoire ideas and learning about the music industry in Australia.

Our course library is constantly growing, and it currently includes courses such as Singing technique 101, Breathing exercises, Registers exercises, Vocal workouts, Singing Careers 101, Repertoire ideas for beginners and more!


The Singer Development Framework

We believe that a structured, intentional approach to singing training creates the best outcomes, so we've created the Singer Development Framework to help you understand what you already know, and what aspects of singing and music you need to focus on next. It's designed to keep you moving forward and not going around in circles!

As a member, you'll have access to your own digital version of the SDF, which will record your progress and let you write notes along the way.


The Singer's Blueprint

The Singer's Blueprint worksheets are downloadable from the Member Hub, and they allow you to create a personalised handbook of plans, dreams, songs and more. Worksheets include templates, project plans, repertoire records and more.


Zoom chats and livestreams

We regularly connect online with group Zoom chats, interviews and song reviews. Members can even be our featured performers - we want to help you share your music with the world!


Member-only Facebook community

Singing training should be fun, and a big part of how we achieve that at SVA is through interacting as a community. Members can join our exclusive Facebook community to ask questions, share songs, and find others to share the journey with.


In-person events

As soon as covid restrictions make it practicable, we're looking forward to hosting in-person events for our members. To start with, these will be in or near Sydney's Sutherland Shire, but we hope to expand our events to other areas in the future. Please note that in-person events may incur additional charges, such as concert tickets for your friends and family.


Optional extra: singing lessons and singer coaching

For members who want some individual guidance, singing lessons and singer coaching are available as optional extras. Let our experts help you plan your next steps!