We meet you wherever you're at in your music journey


Weekly group classes, weekly/fortnightly private lessons, and occasional workshops comprise our suite of SVA Equip programs.

We have options from students aged 5-adult, and we cater for beginners through to working professionals.

At SVA, we specialise in contemporary music and we offer a team of highly experienced, tertiary educated teachers who are ready to help you on your journey.


SVA Industry programs are for advanced students who are ready to work at an elite level. They are designed to complement the training students have through SVA equip, and allow students to specialise in a particular area of the music industry.

SVA Industry is brand new in 2019, and we have some really exciting plans to help our students soar to the next level!


SVA Online brings you 24/7 training in the comfort of your own home - or even on the go.

We have an ever-growing suite of self-paced courses and resources, as well as vocal assessments and even online live lessons.


SVA VoxKinetic

VoxKinetic powered by SVA provides programs, resources and teacher training and support so that dance schools can help their students discover the singer within.

Tap into the expertise of Sydney Vocal Academy in training young voices and watch your vocal programs flourish.

The Tutor Gurus

SVA The Tutor Gurus

By tutors, for tutors, The Tutor Gurus powered by SVA helps you as you change the world, one lesson at a time. It's to help you whether you're a singing teacher, an instrumental teacher or even a tutor in maths / English / tennis - you name it!

We've taken our experience and packaged up our successes so you can replicate them, as well as our failures (so you can avoid them!). Do our courses, join our online community, or book in for some personalised coaching - the choice is yours.