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Concerts to give you a safe and nurturing environment

SVA holds multiple concerts per year, giving students performance goals to work towards throughout the year. Our concerts are not compulsory, however we do encourage all students to get involved. SVA concerts are the perfect setting to showcase your vocal and musical talents in front of your family and friends in a supportive environment.

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Exams to help you pursue excellence

We have a strong history of excellent exam results with AMEB, Rockschool and ANZCA, and we offer the support and training students need to fulfil exam requirements. Exam certificates can be very useful in school, university and scholarship applications, as well as on resumes for job applications, and they are a great way to tangibly demonstrate what all your hard work has achieved.

Even more beneficial than an exam certificate is the process of learning exam material - pieces, technical work, aural skills, sight reading skills, improvisation, and general knowledge. We consistently see that students who prepare for exams make excellent gains in their musical development.

Sitting for the actual exam is an optional extra - many students enjoy this final step in officially completing a grade, but some students prefer just to move to the next grade without this step. However, even for students who do not wish to sit for the examination, the preparation is excellent training that really benefits students.

Exam diplomas - work towards a recognised qualification
Aside from the student progress that exams bring, at the upper end of the exam system students have the opportunity to earn diplomas, which give them a recognised qualification such as an AMus, LMus or PerfDip. This is a fantastic way to stand out from the crowd when it comes to future employment and tertiary course entry and scholarships. Even if your studies and ultimate profession are in a field other than music, a music performance diploma qualification demonstrates that you are a well-rounded and disciplined learner who is able to persist with an activity over many years, and that you're a person who is willing to go the extra mile. We encourage our senior students to pursue examinations at this level - once you have sat for a Grade 8 exam, we can talk further about diplomas.

Private lesson students
Students who do private lessons have the opportunity to prepare for:
- AMEB Musical Theatre
- Rockschool Vocals
- Rockschool Piano
- Rockschool Guitar
- AMEB Pianoforte (ie "classical piano")
- AMEB Piano For Leisure
- AMEB Theory of Music
- Rockschool Theory

Rockschool exams in Vocals, Piano and Guitar, offer two variations for each grade - the Grade exam where you complete 3 songs, technical work, aural tests, sight reading and general knowledge, or a Performance exam which consists only of 5 pieces.

The AMEB have also introduced a similar format - traditional exams (with 3-6 pieces, technical work aural tests, sight reading and general knowledge) and the new Repertoire exams, with 4-5 pieces only.

ArtistReady students
Our ArtistReady classes help prepare students for a Rockschool Vocals Performance examination, which consists of 5 pieces only. Students who do private lessons as well as an ArtistReady class can choose which syllabus to focus on.

StageReady students
Our StageReady classes help prepare students for an AMEB Musical Theatre Repertoire examination, which consists of 4-5 pieces only. Students who do private lessons as well as a StageReady class can choose which syllabus to focus on.

From Grade 6 and above, there are additional requirements for students to also sit a theory exam. We will help students prepare for both AMEB and Rockschool theory exams. Students may also elect to start theory exams before they reach a grade 6 performance level, which we encourage.

Exam fees, books, backing tracks, and in some cases an accompanist, will incur extra costs. You may also be required to sit for a theory exam which will incur additional exam and book fees. We will provide you with a guide to costs before you commit to sitting for an exam.

Where we have sufficient students to meet exam board requirements, we will host exams at SVA. If there are not sufficient students for the AMEB to send someone to us for a particular exam series, parents will need to take students to an exam location in Sydney city. In some situations you can also choose a Wollongong location.

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When you complete your 2019 registration form, you have the opportunity to indicate your interest in completing exams. We'll be in touch with further details.

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