At SVA we understand the unique needs of elite performers - students who are already working professionally, or who are pursuing a professional career. With staff who are actively working in both the musical theatre world, the pop/rock scene, and in session recording, we're well-placed to give you a realistic understanding of the professional world and to equip you with the skills you need to build a career in music.

We work with many professional performers, and our students have been part of The Voice, X Factor, tours, recording projects, professional musical theatre productions, tertiary music courses and live concerts.

We believe that every student is important and deserves our very best, regardless of whether they want a career in music or the performing arts. We have an inclusive culture at SVA and that's something we really treasure. We also believe that we have a responsibility to prepare students for their future goals and that some students need further opportunities to fully realise their skills.

Coming in 2018, SVA Performance Team is an invitation-only program for advanced students.

For the last 5 years we've watched our students grow and develop, and many have reached a point where they are ready for performance experience in a more public setting. In 2018 we're launching the SVA Performance Team - a group of students who we invite to represent SVA in the wider community at different events. 

It provides public performance opportunities for students we observe to be working at a high level, and who also demonstrate a positive attitude & mature approach to developing their skills. It's a training ground for those who might go on to a career in music, or who are ready to take their music to the next level.

Here are the guidelines of what we're looking for in our Performance Team invitees - we want to make sure that students who want to be part of this group have a clear understanding of what we're looking for. Students may be invited to join the group as the year progresses.

We're looking for students who:

  • have shown us that they are able to learn material independently (ie practising at home)
  • are a positive, kind and encouraging influence within the SVA community
  • consistently display a high level of pitch accuracy
  • are able to perform on stage confidently and in an engaging manner
  • have a consistently high level of participation in SVA concerts & events
  • are open to feedback and correction
  • demonstrate age-appropriate maturity & thoughtfulness towards their musical development

We know that families are busy - this is not a weekly group, but instead rehearsals will be scheduled on Saturday afternoons in the lead-up to events, and most events will only require 1-2 rehearsals as much of the song learning will be done at home. We'll send out Performance Team invites to students early in Term 1, 2018.