A new way of learning

It's time for a new season at SVA, and we're really excited about our new group courses - a range of short courses, designed to help SVA students discover their own unique sound and share it with the world. The courses on offer may change each term, so if there's a course you're keen to do, don't wait - it may not be offered again!

Many courses have a specific outcome, such as developing a song to performance standard, writing a song or completing a theory workbook. Some courses are designed to be completed once (such as introduction to chord theory), while other courses can be done time and time again (such as songwriting project or performance masterclass).

Students can enrol in multiple courses, and you can also take private lessons, or simply participate in a course on its own.

Group courses for Term 3 weeks 1-5

Weeks 1-5
K-2 Voice Crew ($8.50 per week)
A fun, introductory-level singing group where students will enjoy learning a variety of repertoire and developing their confidence as singers.

Years K-2: Wednesdays 4-4:30pm

Suitable for: All students in Kindergarten to Year 2.

Songwriting project ($23.50 per week)
Join us for a journey of songwriting, where we'll create then record an original song as a group. You do not need any particular theory knowledge to join this class.

Years 3-6: Monday 5:30-6:30pm
Years 7-9: Wednesday 7-8pm
Years 10-12: Tuesday 8-9pm

Suitable for: Students wanting to work collaboratively to create and record a song.

Performance masterclass ($23.50 per week)
Do you love singing pop/rock and/or musical theatre, and are ready to take your vocal performance to the next level? Join our performance masterclass, where you'll prepare and perfect two songs and perform them for the group. We'll cover song selection, mic technique, stagecraft and storytelling, and you'll receive expert feedback on your performances.

Years 3-6: Thursday 4-5pm
Years 7-9: Wednesday 8-9pm
Years 10-12: Thursday 8-9pm

Suitable for: Singers who may or may not have performed publicly before, and who are willing to put in the time at home to learn and memorise their song.

Piano self-accompaniment ($26 per week / $16 for K-2 - 30 min class)
Are you a singer who dreams of being able to perform contemporary repertoire while self-accompanying on piano? If so, this course is for you. We'll cover chord theory and playing from a chord chart, and you'll work on developing at least one song to performance standard (more if you work hard!).

Years K-2: Saturday 11:30-12pm ($16 per week)
Years 3-6: Saturday 12-1pm
Years 7-9: Saturday 1-2pm
Years 10-12: Saturday 2-3pm

Suitable for: Singers who want to build their personal repertoire list, and who have at least a basic understanding of the piano.

Please note that this course is not suitable for students who do not want to sing in front of the class, or students wishing to focus on exam repertoire or piano method book repertoire - it is purely focussed on contemporary piano accompaniment.

Want to add some private lessons to a group course?