Make your voice count

In 2020 we are excited to launch the SVA Collective - our very own pro-am performance company for singers. SVA Youth Collective is for school-age students and SVA Pro Collective is for professional and aspiring professional singers aged 18+.

With Tim and Lauren Moxey as the creative directors, our vision is to produce regular SVA Collective concerts that provide professional-quality entertainment featuring a live band. These concerts will be advertised to the general public.

Who can join the SVA Collective?
If you fit into one of the following categories, you can be part of the SVA Youth Collective:
- K-12 students learning at SVA Studios (Kirrawee)
- K-12 students of SVA Network member teachers
- K-12 students in VoxKinetic programs

SVA Youth Collective includes both non-auditioned ensemble and auditioned solo opportunities, which means that all eligible school aged students can be part of the group. Singers join for a particular SVA Collective project, and will be advised when future projects open - your commitment is to a particular project only. Different shows will have different age requirements, and participants will incur modest rehearsal fees so that we can provide a safe level of staffing.

At this stage SVA Pro Collective membership is by invite only.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for details of our next event!

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