What is the difference between classical and contemporary singing?

Should I take private lessons or a group class?

Help! I'm not musical and I don't know what my child should be doing?

What age should I start my child in singing/piano/guitar lessons?

Will students be taught proper technique?

What kind of music will I sing?

Will my child sing age-appropriate songs?

Do you teach music theory and musicianship?

What do I do in a private lesson?

Can I choose my teacher for private lessons?

Do I need to have a singing teacher who is the same gender as me?

Can I have fortnightly private lessons? How often is ideal?

I have a dance or drama audition and need to prepare a song - can you help?

Where is SVA located?

What ages does SVA cater for?

Do you offer performance opportunities?

Where can I find your timetable & lesson fees?

How does payment work?

Can students commence mid-term?

When are you open?

How do I register?