Sydney Vocal Academy

2021: New Beginnings

The end of an era...

To our incredible SVA community,

What a year, right? As you would have already read via our emails and socials, we will be closing our Kirrawee studios at the end of this term. But don't despair, we've got some amazing things planned. This page outlines how SVA will work moving forward - please note that the rest of the website is still being updated, and this page contains the most accurate information about 2021.

At SVA we've always been about people first, and money second. We have worked hard and made personal sacrifices to ensure that we offer our students excellent music tuition, in a well-maintained environment with professional-grade equipment. It has always been our priority to offer affordable and flexible options, and to provide respectful and fair working conditions for our staff. We have enjoyed being able to provide a high level of administrative support and to be accessible outside of lesson times, and we have endeavoured to offer inclusive, positive and affordable concerts where families can celebrate their children.

It has always been a challenge to juggle all these factors and to maintain some semblance of a balanced life for ourselves! But even the most experienced business owners could not have anticipated 2020. Like so many other businesses (especially in the arts), the practical and financial impact of COVID has permanently changed SVA and rendered our model untenable. Even today, we remain unable to use our full facility, and our student numbers have dropped to levels we've not seen for several years. To recreate what we had pre-COVID would have required difficult choices, whether that be to cram classes full of students, lower the quality of our facilities and equipment, significantly increase our lesson and concert ticket prices, or reduce our staffing budget. At the end of the day, these are compromises that we are unwilling to make, because it's important to us that we run our business with the best interests of our community as our number one priority. 

It has truly been a heartbreaking year, not just for us but for so many in our community and beyond.

... and the start of a new chapter

However, out of the ashes, we have built a new model to take us into 2021 and beyond. It's one that we're really excited about, and that represents what we believe is a sustainable, accessible and flexible future for singing training.

Emerging from our experience of teaching tens of thousands of lessons over the past 15 years, and combining Tim's substantial experience as a professional singer with Lauren's current PhD research, we are building a brand new model of singing education that will develop and celebrate Australian voices and preserve the impressive legacy of Australian popular music.

Like all new things, there will be some tweaks along the way. In February, we will have a brilliant intern work with us as part of the APR Intern program for PhD researchers. Over six months, our intern will apply her research expertise in student-centred learning and the arts to help us ensure that SVA members enjoy high-quality digital content that propels them towards meeting their goals. We look forward to introducing her to our community in due course.

Moving into 2021, Billie and Freyja will be focused on new creative endeavours. They are both highly skilled musicians and talented teachers and we'll miss them! Lauren will continue to do some piano teaching, but will be focusing on SVA Membership content and her PhD studies, so won't be taking on new piano students. Tim, Laura and Lexy will continue to teach with SVA / SVA Network - you can read all about the details further down the page.

We are incredibly grateful for your support (not just this year but over the past 8 wonderful years), and we look forward to working with you into the future.

Tim & Lauren


At SVA, we believe that:

  1. High-quality singing training should be accessible regardless of students' geographic location, socioeconomic status or natural ability
  2. Every voice is valuable and precious, and offers something unique to the world

    3. Singing changes lives and makes singers and audiences more creative, well-rounded, thoughtful and compassionate, and our world needs more people like that

    4. Excellence, dedication and hard work matter

SVA inspires and guides singers to:

  1. Develop high-level expertise in singing and music
  2. Discover their place in the music world
  3. Enjoy our community of like-minded people, the satisfaction of achieving personal goals and the incredible beauty of music
  4. Grow their music-specific and general creativity skills
  5. Use their musical abilities to make a positive difference in the world - no matter how big or small

SVA Programs


It's so important to us that we know our students and their families - we genuinely want to share the journey with you and walk alongside you. A membership model means we can harness the incredible power of technology to stay connected, even in the midst of busy schedules and across geographic boundaries. It also allows us to offer 24/7 access to tools and resources to help you become the singer you were born to be.

SVA Membership offers access to:

  • SVA Member Hub with online courses, resources and group Zoom calls - this is the heart of the SVA Membership and we're bursting with excitement about all the possibilities! See below for more details.
  • A closed Facebook group just for members (this can be via a parent account for young children). You'll also have the opportunity to submit your recordings to feature on our social channels.
  • SVA Live events including workshops and concerts (note that some events may involve additional costs). As soon as COVID restrictions allow, we'll be getting everyone back on stage, and we can't wait to see our students shine!
  • Private singing lessons are available as an additional extra.

Access to SVA Member Hub commences from February 1.


To say thank you to our wonderful SVA community for your incredible support, we are offering special earlybird pricing for SVA Memberships. Until February 1, you can sign up for SVA Membership for just $11 (inc GST) per student, per month.

After February 1, pricing for new members will increase to $22 per student, per month, and sadly we won't be able to make any exceptions, so be sure to register before then to lock in your discounted rate. SVA Membership pricing will be reviewed annually.

SVA Member Hub

SVA Member Hub is our brand new, online eLearning platform that will be launching at the start of Term 1, 2021. You'll find courses, resources and an ever-growing content library designed to offer unparalleled value. SVA Membership also offers online events and special projects including showcases and group Zoom chats, where we'll have Q&A sessions, songwriter circles, song reviews, and more.

You'll find vocal technique exercises and explanations, practice guidance, and tips and tricks to help you learn songs. Also available will be resources to help you prepare for auditions, exams and performances, as well as training music theory and self-accompaniment. We'll also curate repertoire ideas and proven third-party resources (like home recording equipment, software and apps) so that you don't have to spend hours searching online. 

A key part of SVA Membership is the Singer Development Framework, a tool to help you visualise, plan and track your journey as a singer and ensure you are moving forward toward your goals. It will empower you to take control of your own singing journey and help you set realistic goals and achieve them in an efficient way.

private Lessons

Private singing lessons are available either through SVA with Tim Moxey, or with SVA Network teachers Laura Garrick and Lexy Hutchinson.

SVA Network teachers operate as independent sole traders. This means they have set their own lesson fees, and they will liaise directly with families for timetabling, invoicing, and administration.

Private lessons with SVA and SVA Network teachers are available exclusively to SVA Members.

AMEB and Rockschool exams will continue to be available for private students.



Lesson fee - PER 30 MINUTES


Tim Moxey
(SVA Director)

$44 (inc GST): earlybird rate for registrations received by Jan 15
$50 (inc GST): regular rate for registrations received from Jan 16


Inaburra (during school hours)

Laura Garrick
(SVA Network Member)

$46 (no GST)


In person at Ettingshausens

Lexy Hutchinson
(SVA Network Member)

$45 (no GST)


In person at Ettingshausens


LESSON FEE (per 30 minutes)
$44 (inc GST): earlybird rate for registrations received by Jan 4

$50 (inc GST): regular rate for registrations received from Jan 5

Online (afternoons and evenings)
Inaburra (during school hours)


LESSON FEE (per 30 minutes)
$46 (no GST)


Online and Kirrawee (Ettingshausens building)


LESSON FEE (per 30 minutes)
$45 (no GST)

Online and Kirrawee (Ettingshausens building)


The SVA Network is a professional community for singing teachers. It provides professional development in singing, teaching and music business, career advice, as well as a community of like-minded colleagues. If you (or someone you know) are looking to start a career in singing and/or singing teaching, or take you career to the next level, get in touch to discuss how the SVA Network can help you.


Here's how you can be part of SVA in 2021:
1. Sign up as an SVA Member via the link below.
2. SVA Members also have the option of booking private lessons with SVA or SVA Network teachers.

Important notes:
1. Don't forget that earlybird pricing rates for SVA Membership and private lessons with Tim won't last forever - to take advantage of this discount, it is essential that you register by January 15 (for private lessons with Tim) or before February 1 (for SVA Membership). For those who register after this time, pricing will revert to our normal rates - and unfortunately we cannot make exceptions, so please get in early.

2. Teacher availability may change from 2020. Please be sure to register early to avoid disappointment!

If you have questions, just reach out to us via our contact form

We hope you have a wonderful summer and a refreshing break, and we can't wait to see you in 2021!

Dare to be extraordinary