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2020: Make Your Voice Count

2019 was another incredible year of music-making at SVA! We saw students grow and develop their musical gifts, and we helped them to discover their own unique voice and style. We cheered students on as they took risks and learnt more about themselves, and we watched as friendships developed over a shared love of music, and students found "their tribe". Right now we are looking forward to some time to rest and refresh, but we can't wait to be back in 2020 to do it all again!

We are incredibly grateful for our wonderful SVA students and their families. It is such a joy to work with each one of our students - thank you for your ongoing support and enthusiasm.

What's in store for 2020?

We've been busily working behind the scenes to bring you all your favourite programs and events, as well as adding some awesome new ones. We're really excited about everything that we have in store for you in 2020 and beyond!


The distinction between professional and amateur in music is complex, especially as the performing arts industry grapples with the ever-changing social, arts and economic landscapes. We believe that regardless of their future field of employment, our role is to inspire our students to have a life-long love of music, to become the best musicians they can be, and to teach them creative thinking skills that will serve them well into the future. Whether a student plans to head into the professional realm or to keep music as a life-long hobby, our heart is that their time spent with us prepares students for whatever may lie ahead.

Our heart is to:

  • build a community of singers who have a passion for singing and who value high-level singing skills
  • build a culture where mistakes are embraced and singers have a safe environment to try new things
  • celebrate each unique voice and respect each individual and their journey


We have spent this year thinking really hard about the structure of SVA, and how to most efficiently meet the needs of our students and our staff while juggling the practicalities. We also believe that it's important to grow with our students, and as we head into our eighth year, we've given considerable thought to how we can ensure that create appropriate learning experiences for students at every stage of their musical development. The following divisions of SVA represent the different opportunities for our students, alumni and teachers.


At this stage, we are registering for SVA Equip only (ie weekly group classes and weekly/fortnightly private lessons). We'll email registered students and parents with details about other opportunities in the new year.


Weekly group classes, weekly/fortnightly private lessons, and occasional workshops comprise our suite of SVA Equip programs.

Private lessons are available in contemporary singing, piano and guitar. Group options include EnsembleReady, SingReady, ArtistReady, StageReady and PianoReady, and students are offered the chance to participate in SVA concerts as well as external exams.

At SVA, we specialise in contemporary music and we offer a team of highly experienced, tertiary educated teachers who are ready to help you on your journey.


SVA Industry programs are project-based opportunities for advanced students who are ready to work at an elite level. They are designed to complement the training students have through SVA Equip, and allow students to specialise in a particular area of the music industry.


SVA Online brings you 24/7 training in the comfort of your own home - or even on the go.

We have an ever-growing suite of self-paced courses and resources, as well as vocal assessments and even online live lessons.


SVA Live offers student concerts for SVA family and friends. In 2020 this includes our production of The Little Mermaid Jr on March 7, our GigReady gigs on March 29, and our Spring Concerts in November (dates TBA).


We have a vision to gather contemporary singing professionals from all over Australia and provide them with community, training, resources and opportunities. To achieve this, we're launching the SVA Network in 2020. If you know a singing professional (performer and/or teacher), send them our way so that they can join the SVA Community.


We think it's really important for elite-level singers to have elite-level performance opportunities. That's why we've created the SVA Collective, and our vision is to see regular events featuring the SVA Collective, as well as increasing presence and impact on the Australian contemporary music landscape.

Comprising the Youth Collective (ages 5-18) and the Pro Collective (ages 18+), the SVA Collective is about providing elite performance opportunities that are advertised to the general public. All students can elect to perform as part of the Youth Collective, with auditions held for soloists and backing vocalists. The Pro Collective is for SVA alumni, staff and SVA Network members. Our inaugural SVA Collective concert will be held at Sutherland Entertainment Centre on July 25.


Based on Lauren's current postgraduate research, SVA Elite is a holistic coaching program for singers who plan to pursue a career as a contemporary singer. You might want to tread the boards in the world of musical theatre, become a singer/songwriter, work as a session singer, front an originals or cover band, be a worship leader, teach singing or secondary music, or work professionally in any capacity as a singer - whatever your dreams are, SVA Elite will help you work out a realistic and healthy approach to your singing career.


VoxKinetic by Sydney Vocal Academy

VoxKinetic powered by SVA provides programs, resources and teacher training and support so that dance schools can help their students discover the singer within.

Tap into the expertise of Sydney Vocal Academy in training young voices and watch your vocal programs flourish.

The Tutor Gurus

The Tutor Gurus

By tutors, for tutors, The Tutor Gurus powered by SVA helps you as you change the world, one lesson at a time. It's to help you whether you're a singing teacher, an instrumental teacher or even a tutor in maths / English / tennis - you name it!

We've taken our experience and packaged up our successes so you can replicate them, as well as our failures (so you can avoid them!). Do our courses, join our online community, or book in for some personalised coaching - the choice is yours.

How to register

1. Read about our 2020 SVA Equip Programs, then follow the links on that page to view our 2020 Timetable and Prices.

2. Fill in the registration form here.

3. If you've got any questions about the most suitable programs for you or your child, just send us a message and we'll be happy to help (we can more efficiently reply to contact form submissions rather than phone calls). 

We hope you have a wonderful summer and a refreshing break, and we can't wait to see you in 2020!