Singer coaching

A holistic approach to singer development

For singers who are after some individual attention, SVA offers singer coaching with Tim or Lauren. Our incredible SVA Network teachers Laura Garrick and Lexy Hutchinson are also available for singing lessons.

Singer coaching with Tim or Lauren offers a holistic approach to musical development for advanced and professional singers. We're passionate about equipping singers with the expert level skills they need to create impactful music, but we're equally passionate about helping you build a vision for your creative practice as you build a lasting musical legacy.

Students must be SVA Members to work with SVA coaches and singing teachers (you can join for just a month) - this gives you access to all the online SVA goodness and will hugely enrich your learning experience.

SVA coaches

Tim - Singer coaching

Tim Moxey

BMus (Contemporary Voice) (Distinction)
AMusA (Musical Theatre)
PerfDip (Modern Singing) 


popular music, musical theatre, singer-songwriters, technique, repertoire, advanced and professional singers


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday


Inaburra School (Inaburra students only)

Lesson fees

$50 (inc GST) per 30 minutes (weekly or fortnightly sessions)

$55 (inc GST) per 30 minutes (casual sessions)

Contact us for Inaburra lesson pricing and availability

Lauren - Singer coaching

Lauren Moxey

PhD (Creative Arts) (current)
BMus (Contemporary Piano)
BSc (Psychology)


artist development and careers, your musical legacy, music theory, piano self-accompaniment for singers


Tuesday, or other days by appointment


online only

Lesson fees

$50 (inc GST) per 30 minutes (weekly or fortnightly sessions)

$55 (inc GST) per 30 minutes (casual sessions)

What happens in coaching sessions? Who should I work with?

We can guide you in working out the next steps in your musical or artistic development, or we can focus on a specific goal or challenge you currently have. We can guide you in the following areas.

Sessions with Tim

  • artist development and identity
  • advanced vocal technique
  • song feedback (you can even pre-record your songs)
  • repertoire selection and guidance
  • performance skills
  • AMEB Musical Theatre or Rockschool Vocals exam material
  • recording and performance projects
  • songwriting
  • teaching skills for current or aspiring singing teachers

Sessions with Lauren

  • artist development and identity
  • learning how to self-accompany on piano
  • music theory
  • discussing qualification and tertiary training options
  • career planning (whether as a full-time professional or serious amateur)
  • grants and funding options
  • online presence for singers (e.g. social media, websites)
  • teaching skills for current or aspiring singing teachers

The wisdom and authenticity of experience

Between us, we've taught tens of thousands of sessions over the past 15 years, so we know a thing or two about what makes singers tick. We've undertaken recording and performance projects, walked the gauntlet of reality singing shows and trained hundreds of singers. We understand the unique challenges of working in the music industry and balancing family life with career aspirations. Our work has also taken us through the deep valley of disappointment that is part of the performing arts, and we've come out the other side even stronger.

Tim is a highly respected singer and an expert singing teacher who maintains an active performance and recording career. He is known for his musical versatility across all contemporary styles and his incredible voice. Lauren is a contemporary piano specialist who is currently undertaking a PhD at James Cook University where she is researching Australian popular music and singers' careers.

From the comfort of your own home

Singing coaching takes place online via Zoom, which has proven to be a highly effective and efficient learning method for dedicated students. Where singers can put a little bit of effort into establishing an optimal home setup, the results are even better (don't worry, we can help you with this!). The extra bonus of Zoom is that immediately after each session, you can spend some time working on what was discussed while it's still fresh in your mind.

Who is singing coaching for?

We recommend singing coaching for advanced and professional singers. We generally work with high school students and adults, though we also coach highly motivated younger students.

What commitment is required?

To get the most out of coaching, you should be willing to practice regularly and consistently, and we recommend you commit to at least 3 x 30 minute practice sessions at home each week - preferably more.

We offer weekly and casual sessions, and we teach in NSW school terms. Casual sessions are suitable for experienced singers who want expert feedback, while for developing and early career singers, weekly sessions are preferable.