November 21


How to be your teacher’s favourite student

November 21, 2019

You have probably heard your teacher say at some point – “there’s no such thing as a favourite student”.  That’s partly true- there are definitely students who are looked upon in a favourable light. Continue reading if you wish to find out how can impress your music teacher:


We cannot stress this enough. Practice – it really is as simple as that! It’s even better when students do ‘deep practice’, which is the type that is often difficult but also gets results. Nothing makes us happier as teachers than seeing our students put in the effort to give things a go and just practice. When we are given your best self and can work alongside you, we can get the best out of you. What are you waiting for? Get practicing!

Be flexible with your lesson time

We all know how busy life can get and often we are running on tight schedules – karate at 3:15, violin at 4:00, dinner in the car from 4:30-4:45, ballet at 4:50… you get the point. We as teachers respect the fact that children (and parents) are doing more extracurricular than ever before. However, it would be greatly appreciated if the same level of respect was shown in being flexible with your lesson time. No matter how big or small a singing studio is, all teachers are guaranteed to appreciate a bit of leniency regarding lesson times.

Respect the fact that this is their livelihood and they have overheads 

A lesson may just be a lesson to you, but they are often a large part of a teacher’s whole life. As much as you may want to cancel last minute, it often has a negative effect on the teacher – especially if they can’t get someone to fill your lesson slot. Cancelling a lesson 10, 20, even 60 minutes before your lesson slot may mean that your teacher is short on paying bills and studio rent, or even spending time with their family as they wait around for a student who never comes. At the end of the day, teaching students is their livelihood and we ask that if you are going to cancel, please be respectful and considerate regarding how much time you allow before doing so.


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