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Why being a versatile singer matters

November 14, 2019

For many of us, when we think of singing, we think of it according to different, standalone genres. Rock, jazz, pop, opera, musical theatre. However, as a singer it is very important to be a versatile singer – the reality is that professional singers are expected to work in a variety of settings and expected to adapt.

Defining a versatile singer

A versatile singer is someone who can sing different styles and try different techniques. It is someone who is diverse in their ability and can deliver when asked to provide a wide variety of songs. The importance of being a diverse singer is reflected in the fact that professional singers need to able to adapt and be versatile in the styles they are singing.  In order to be employable, clients will want to hire one singer for an event, as opposed to many different singers. There are a multitude of reasons why it is so important to be a diverse singer! 

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It opens up opportunities for singers

It’s a known fact that the more diverse and accomplished the singer, the more they will be sought after for gigs. Employers and those within the music industry rarely want to hire someone who is only capable of delivering the same things. It might be time to start expanding your range! 

The music industry is changing before our eyes

The music industry is changing everything we know altogether. Even in the traditional genre of musical theatre, there is still a need for the traditional theatre sound, but more and more shows seem to be falling outside of this genre. Think about the hit music Hamilton, which was a fusion of musical theatre and hip-hop, demonstrating how we can no longer expect music to be divided into genres.

Being a versatile singer means you can perform to many more people

Being a much more versatile singer means that you have greater opportunities to sing to a much wider audience. If you are more than just a jazz singer, or a pop singer, you automatically appeal to a wider range of audiences. This also means you can be recognised as a performer by many different types of individuals. 

It is evident that as singers we need to be a versatile singer in order to open our horizons. Here at SVA we have a vast array of classes for every type of singer. If this blog has inspired you to polish up your skills in another genre, we’d love to hear from you. It would be our pleasure to lead you on a path to musical diversity! 

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