January 17


What’s an online arts incubator for singers?

January 17, 2021

Dear Singer,

We know our model is a little different to traditional singing lessons, and you might be wondering what arts incubator actually is? That's a really great question!

An ecosystem to help singers thrive

Business incubators aren't a new concept - they've been around for a while. In fact, early on SVA was part of one, so we know firsthand how valuable access to expert advice and support can be. Business incubators provide a safe base for newly established and growing businesses, and offer advice, training, workshops and a community of other business owners. In short, they are ecosystems specifically designed to help businesses thrive.

Now, at SVA we're not trying to incubate new businesses. Instead, our mission is to champion Australian singers and raise the next generation of Australian voices, and this is where an incubator model works brilliantly - it's an ecosystem designed to help singers thrive.

Traditional singing lessons can transform a student's voice and significantly impact their future career choices and creative endeavours, and over the last 15 years we've seen firsthand the amazing impact that learning singing has had in the lives of our students. However, the reality is that there's only so much a teacher can do in 30 minutes each week or each fortnight.

A new model for a new era

Inspired by Lauren's PhD research into Australian popular music and Australian singers' careers, we decided that it was time to take the traditional singing training format to the next level. As a result, we have reimagined the way we train singers and built an arts incubator that will grow, nurture and support singers across all ages and stages of development, and help them thrive in every part of their creative practice.

The incubator features an ever-growing suite of online courses for singers, group Zoom calls, as well as access to a community of likeminded peers and experts to provide advice. We've also created The Singer's Blueprint and the Singer Development Framework to provide a rigorous learning structure and help singers track their progress and understand their next steps. Individual singing lessons and singer coaching are available as optional extras for singers who are after some personalised attention.

Online delivery to enhance access

We've opted for online delivery for the vast majority of our programs, though we're looking forward to some in-person events when COVID restrictions allow. By harnessing the power of online delivery, we can make our programs accessible to singers from all over Australia and beyond, and we can keep our costs far lower than comparable in-person arts development programs. What's more, online content can be accessed at times that suit individuals, and can be re-read and re-watched as needed.

SVA Membership isn't just for singers who want to be full-time music professionals. It's for singers who want their voice to count for something, who want to use their musical gifts to make the world that little bit more beautiful, or who want to leave behind a creative legacy of powerful and inspiring music. It's for singers who want to know what they are truly capable of.

Dare to be extraordinary,
Tim & Lauren

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