July 25


Are singers born or made?

July 25, 2019

The saying, “maybe she’s born with it?” is often thrown around when discussing talented people. However, here at SVA we ask the question are singers really born, or can they be made? Is singing something you just happen to be good at, or can it be worked on as a skill over time? We are convinced it is the latter and we have attached a step by step practice to transform yourself into an even better singer!

Deep practice can refine your singing abilities

It can be very annoying when we as singers attempt to hit show-stopping high notes, yet fail dismally. However, in order to refine our skills, hit the high notes and become an all-round better singer. We must work hard and engage in ‘deep practice’. It is not enough just to rely on genetic luck or natural talent, as it is often referred to. Instead, if an individual practices, and works up to something difficult over time, this will help to refine our singing skills. Eventually, these positive practice techniques will become habits which form into smooth skills and singing abilities… so next time you try to hit a high note or try something difficult, just remember to engage in deep practice and this will help you to transform into the singer you have always wished to be!

Are singers born or made  1 - Are singers born or made?

Know what suits your voice

Whilst anyone can be made into an amazing singer, it is important that singers choose songs that are well suited to their voice. In order to sing well, it’s important to sing in a style that you are comfortable with and suits your voice. If you are unsure, trial a few different genres – musical theatre, jazz, ballads… Why not try perform to your family and get their opinion on what best suits you!


To become a better singer, you need to become a better performer

Often some of the most amazing singers are equally as good at performing. A simple way to become a better performer is not only just to perform to your friends and family as possible but to really immerse yourself into the character who sings the song. It may feel and seem silly, but this will help to connect with the audience. Some good ways to get into the character is to understand the whole experience of the character. Before singing the song were they happy or sad? Were they angry or annoyed? It is important that you know the context of the song so you can sing with the right type of emotion. Another fun way to get into the role of the character is to perhaps wear or bring something they would have! Do they have a prop as they sang the song? Do they happen to be wearing an extravagant costume? It’s important to consider all these factors as this can make the performance that little bit more exciting for the audience!

So there you have it – the theory of being “born with it” has been debunked! Amazing singers aren’t necessarily born but can be created over time with hours of dedication and practice.

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