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How to encourage a child to continue music lessons when they’ve lost interest

August 8, 2019

It can be so hard as parents to see our child no longer enjoy the things they were once so passionate about! Is your child experiencing a sense of satisfaction with their music lessons? If so, we hope this blog will teach you how to encourage a child to continue music, lessons if they seemed to have lost interest in their musical passion.

Listen frequently to what they are playing

If your child is listening to the music they are playing, chances are they will grow to love it. Is your child currently into jazz, or singing ballads, you may wish to head to JB-Hi Fi and scope out some CDs from this genre. Not only will they grow to love this music, but it will help them to feel encouraged as they embark on their musical journey. Further, your child is more likely to feel motivated to practice due to the fact that they will aspire to achieve the music they are immersed in more frequently.


If your child is gradually losing interest in an instrument they once had so much passion for, try to encourage them to continue to find that same passion they once had. As easy as it may seem, try not to approach the situation from a place of anger or disappointment but instead encourage them in any way you can. If they express that they are no longer enjoying the hobby, try to resolve this issue together. Most importantly, just be there for them and encourage them.

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Be less involved

This may seem like a rather odd statement, but perhaps if you are too invested in their musical journey, you may need to take a step back. Is practice with your child starting to involve more fights and arguments? It may be a good idea to let your child practice alone before they start to associate it with the idea of having a fight with you… Instead, let your child experience a sense of freedom and autonomy – let them have some sense of ownership. Some children are naturally more independent and wish to figure things out for themselves. This can help in children taking more initiative, not just with practice, but with their musical journey also.

Make music fun

Perhaps one of the main reason why your child isn’t enjoying practice as much as they once were, is because music is associated with the monotonous routine of practice. If this is the case, try your very best as the parent to make music fun. Encourage your child to perform for others so it doesn’t feel like the same monotonous routine. Perhaps offer rewards and incentives for them to practice more thoroughly and for longer. You may even want to try seeing a concert with your child to remind them of the great joy music really is in uniting people!

We hope this is most beneficial to you and your child!

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