October 24


Is music really the key to happiness?

October 24, 2019

Music has often been described as they key to a place of happiness. People bonding over their admiration for an artist at a concert, the infectious humming to the bass line when a song comes on the radio, that feeling of excitement when you hear your favourite band is releasing a new album… Music is something we should all invest more time in, as the benefits of music really can be the key to happiness!

Lyrics bring humans together 

Lyrics written by an artist (or songwriter) can sometimes be hilarious or perhaps not even make any sense. However, there are some songs with lyrics so profound that they bond not only the artist and the listeners, but also listeners with other listeners. As the crowd at a concert sings along in perfect harmony, we often realise what it is to be human. A song may evoke raw, human experiences and emotions that we all endure at some point in our life. Songs often tell stories and situations not quite expressed properly in dialogue – this can help to connect humanity. 

1 1 - Is music really the key to happiness?

Music helps control stress and anxiety 

Not only is music a great opportunity to bond with each other, it can also relieve stress and anxiety. In fact, the University of Missouri has found it can even boost your mood dramatically! Music can help to reduce anxiety by being able to match your heartbeat and slow it down when you are stressed. 

Music for insomnia benefits

Music leads to happiness as it can help those who struggle to get a decent sleep, especially insomniacs. Research shows that listening to music 45 minutes before bedtime for three weeks straight has a positive impact on people’s sleep efficiency. In addition, if you have trouble falling to sleep, music is useful for blocking distracting sounds, whilst also helping to fill the unnerving silence. If music is played in a quiet room, many people find it helps to create a sense of comfort and security prior to falling asleep. 

It is clear that music really is a key to happiness! Listening to music may not resolve external issues we have going on in our lives, yet the times we simply put on our headphones and tune in offer solace and a sense of calm whilst we let the words of a song transport us.

Happy listening! 

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