August 22


It’s OK to fail

August 22, 2019

As parents, we all know how much our children love to sing. We see the smile across their face as they sing their heart out on stages. But for many students, this euphoric moment in time can be cut short in an instant as they don’t quite hit the notes. For some, they may even continue to carry this moment of failure throughout their musical journey. However, we want to make it known that sometimes it is ok to fail! In fact, everyone fails at something at some point their life – we are humans, not robots! We hope this blog is especially helpful for parents as you help your child recognise that failing is in fact a healthy thing.

Failure is an opportunity for learning

If your child is really disheartened by a recent music related failure, we urge you to help them see it as a learning opportunity. It may sometimes be easier to say to them that they need to try harder (especially if a performance wasn’t preceded by much practice…) but instead try to help them to recognise that without failing they can’t learn something. Instead, try to change their mindset into seeing failure as a way to grasp a deeper understanding of ourselves. It is important that we encourage our child to understand their failure and ask them how they can change their actions to prevent this from happening again. Help them to utilise this negative experience and instead grapple with what must be done to prevent further failure and instead grow and evolve as a musician.

Failure makes people more empathetic

We have all experienced the devastating moment when something we have worked hard for seems to crumble before our eyes. It is a mortifying experience and for many of us, we seem to remember these moments vividly… However, in the experience of failing, we are able to develop empathy for others. We grasp the meaning of hardships and this is something we can continue to use as we relate to others in their times of trouble. Thus, it is clear that our experience with failure can be a transformative experience in which helps to build a stronger community, by which those around us can feel united and help others to feel united with their community during testing times.

Failing allows us to take more risks

The fear of failure is often a crippling one, causing many of us to live our lives in fear or simply live our lives in halves. But this is no way to live and it certainly doesn’t spur us to achieve anything extraordinary! Remember to encourage your child that failure is positives as it means we are taking more risks and where would the world be without risks – especially those that resulted in failure? Would we not have the Harry Potter books if J.K Rowling didn’t continue to get her Harry Potter books published, despite being rejected by 12 publishers? Would not every family have an automobile if Henry Ford didn’t attempt to create another company after his first company went bankrupt in 1899? Evidently, failure happens all the time, yet one failure does not mean success for the future is ruled out!

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Failure makes you more resilient

Failure is also important to experience as it makes us more resilient people. If we endure failure in our life, we have to develop a thick skin and learn to develop a sense of grit and determination. If we do not develop resilience we can’t bounce back from our experiences, and this is something we have to be able to do at some point in our life. Further, failure helps to put things in perspective. If you have dealt with embarrassing failure in the past, you are more able to overcome whatever unknown challenges lie ahead in the future.

Failure makes you appreciate success more

They always say you can’t have a rainbow without a bit of rain and well the same things apply to failure… You fully appreciate how great success is until after you’ve experienced failure. When you have failed, you are so much more appreciative of the good things and ultimately we must be appreciative of good things in our life. If you have overcome failure, you will be filled with a sense of pride and you will know how good it is to think of how far you have come. Or perhaps if you are still down in the dumps about a recent failure, remember to persevere and know that you will soon taste the sweetness of success!

Finally, to finish on an uplifting note…

Fear regret more than failure” – Taryn Rose

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