October 2


The lifelong benefits of singing

October 2, 2018

The lifelong benefits of singing

We all know that singing is fun and enjoyable. There aren’t many feelings as great as belting out a song at the top of your lungs! However beyond this, singing has been proven to have multiple health benefits both in the present and the future.

Respiratory and cardiac function: 
Singing is amazing in its ability to improve the efficiency of the body’s cardiovascular system due to the fact that it is an aerobic activity. Aerobic activity has also proven to increase the oxygenation of blood, subsequently improving overall alertness. In addition, such aerobic activities are linked to reducing stress and assisting in maintaining the body’s health and improving airflow in the body. 

Development of fine and gross motor control in the vocal system: 
Another benefit of singing, is its ability to assist children particularly with their motor coordination. Singing has helped to nurture children’s gross motor behaviour, with studies proving that children who had music lessons, compared with those who did not, had greater ability to refine and time their motor responses according to specific stimuli. 

A greater ability to be more empathetic and aware of social inclusion: 
An additional benefit is that music, particularly when performed in groups, has the ability to make children more empathetic and aware of the need for social inclusion. Singing has been found to enhance the chance for empathetic relationships with many people - particularly when children are involved in collective singing (such as classes and ensembles). The 6000 children who participated the ‘Sing Up’ research evaluation, demonstrated an increased sense of social inclusion. 

Singing is a cathartic activity:
In addition, singing has been proven to provide a cathartic experience; it acts as an outlet for our feelings which overwhelm and at times absorb us. When individuals sing, this triggers our endocrine system, allowing us to feel a release. Such a release makes us feel better about ourselves, but also about the world around us. From pre-birth, to our final moments of life, we are surrounded by sound, including songs and singing. In fact, songs are central to all humanity and assist in helping individuals relate to the human experience. 

There you have it - singing isn't just a whole lot of fun, it's good for you too. And we think that's something to sing about!

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