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How to develop a love for music in children

October 3, 2019

We all know how much joy music can bring to our lives. It unites people, speaks to people in a way words sometimes can’t and somehow always manages to improve our mood. So how then can we help to develop a love for music in our children? We think we may be able to provide some tips for you! 

Listen to lots of music

By filling your household with diverse music styles, this will help to expand your child’s musical knowledge and taste. There is no harm in playing various cds, spotify, or even youtube clips around the house. Over time, your child will grow to love this type of music they hear and this can assist in lead to your child expressing interest in learning these styles.

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It may seem rather apparent, but children who often love music are the ones who are fully immersed in it. So much so that they are keen to fully immerse themselves in every aspect of it and desire to play music. Learning an instrument is often a fun experience for children and will empower them to realise how rewarding music really can be! If your child expresses an interest in playing music, why not let them trial a few instruments in order to see what they like best? 

Play musical games

Let’s face it. Everyone knows that games are fun, so why not incorporate this element of fun into music? This will help your child to associate music with fun! Some great musical games include playing clapping games with your children in order to help them understand rhythms. Another great example is helping your child to sing songs which have musical techniques (vibrato, staccato and so forth) – whatever you sing, make it fun for your child and they will no doubt grow to love singing and making music! 

Attend concerts 

We have mentioned it in our previous blogs, but attending concerts can be most beneficial in helping your child to recognise the great joy that comes from learning music. The concerts you choose to attend don’t always have to be expensive either, you can attend your local musical or perhaps even just attend the next music night even if your child doesn’t necessarily perform. Sometimes just seeing how much fun the performers are having can inspire your child to want to get involved in more musical endeavours! 

We hope that this blog has been useful in helping to consider how you can inspire your child to develop a deep love for music! 

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