September 19


Why we value community at SVA

September 19, 2019

Here at SVA we pride ourselves on our tight-knit community and work to ensure that all members of SVA feel as though they belong. Not only does a strong community make SVA an enjoyable and encouraging space, but we believe that community is so necessary due to the many benefits it brings. 

A strong community means individuals can grow and flourish

Our goal at SVA is to make sure that all students walk through the doors and feel as though SVA is a place where they belong, where they are cared for, and where they are free to be themselves. This sense of community is something we truly value because we know that when people feel comfortable in a space, they take risks and can become the best performer they can be! Without a safe space, singers can struggle to explore the full extent of their vocal capabilities. At SVA, it is our passion for students to be the best they can be, and that is why we value community so much. 

Canva Four Person Standing on Cliff in Front of Sun - Why we value community at SVA

A tight-knit community means that people can have fun

Students take lessons for different reasons, however a common thread is that all students want to enjoy the learning process! Here at SVA we believe that having fun is serious business, and we have proven that it’s more than possible to have fun while reaching a high level of singing.

Singing should be a place to meet new people and make lifelong friends

Additionally, we believe that community is so important, because there is far more to singing than singing alone. Here at SVA, we believe that singing should open the doors to meeting like-minded new people and making friendships that extend beyond the walls of the studio! We hope that our students meet people who share the same passion for music, and who can continue to journey together through the world of learning music.

So to all those who have recently joined our SVA community, welcome. We hope that you feel welcome and immersed in our friendly community. To those who have been in the SVA community for a while now, we thank you for helping to make SVA what it is today! 

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