September 12


Writing a catchy song

September 12, 2019

We’ve all been there… lying awake at night, trying to fall asleep but we can’t! And it’s all because we have an annoyingly catchy song playing over and over in our head! Well, if this is the case it is safe to say that the composer has done their job well! Here at SVA, we hope to create music that is catchy, because ultimately catchy sells! Continue to read on if you or your child is keen to write a mega-hit!

Choose a matter that you are passionate about

As the saying goes, write about what you know! Write about something you are passionate about and connect with. Often a good thing to write a song about is something that you have experience as this helps to ensure you can properly communicate the experience! We do advise to be cautious to write about dramatic experiences you perhaps haven’t yet experienced – this will often show when you go to write a hit song… Similarly, when writing a song make sure the lyrics capture the attitude of the day! Follow these simple steps and you’re nearly there!

catchy song 1 - Writing a catchy song

Make the chorus easy to sing

Some of the most catchy songs are the ones with a catchy chorus that everyone can sing to. As tempting as it may be to write a complex song that shows off your wide range and has obscure key changes, we advise sticking to a simple melody… If you do want to add elements of complexity to the song, perhaps consider having them in the bridge or other areas of the songs…

Have I heard that before?

Some of the most successful catchy songs have a major thing in common… Repetition! Whilst we often think elements repetition are ‘un-inspiring’ and lacking in creativity, this is not the case when it comes to songs! Partly the reasons why songs are so popular is because they repeat and people remember the bits of the song that keep coming back and forcing themselves into their memory! So… why not repeat the chorus for the third time?!

We hope that this has given you some guidance on how to write a catchy, hit song… Without further ado, happy composing!

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